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Lake Louise Reflections: 2008.09.17

You can see the reflections if you get to the lake within the first hour of sunrise. The reflections don't last long, as the sun rises the lake will become a very teal colour, wind disrupts the reflections and this area becomes flooded with tourists. It's worth getting up early to see. Reflections are entirely real.

Image is a composite of 9 images: three images taken in portrait position stitched together to produce the super-wide view, about 140degrees wide, and three exposures per image which I hand blended in photoshop. It is otherwise impossible to get such a wide view and balanced exposure with one image.

*This is one of my favorite images in print, it really does look countless times better printed. I use a metallic paper for this print, the sunlight on Fairview mountain appears nearly holographic, jumping off the page.

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